Scott Hickinbotham and the team at Hickinbotham Real Estate have assisted my family with real estate transactions for years, so when I decided to sell 100 +/- acres in Bourbon, MO, I was happy to list the property with Scott. Scott and his team kept me and my son informed through the entire process from listing to closing. I could not have asked for better service.




Scott Hickinbotham and his team at Hickinbotham Real Estate, Inc. did a wonderful job marketing and selling the property we owned in St. Clair, MO. With multiple hoops to jump through, the Hickinbotham Team remained professional and were very knowledgeable. They kept us informed and involved every step of the way, from listing to closing!

We highly recommend this real estate team!


Scott Hickinbotham and his team are awesome. My first time buying a home, Scott stayed with me for over a year, taking me through the home buying experience. Wow! What a learning experience. After looking through several homes and making multiple offers, I have purchased a home below my budget, and I got to walk away from closing with $0 out of pocket and a check for $100.00 to my credit for my earnest money. Thank you Hickinbotham Real Estate, Inc! I will gladly refer anyone looking to buy or sell.


Dealing with the loss of a family member is difficult, especially when it comes to all the ins and outs of their estate. After my brother's passing, Scott assisted my family with selling land that my brother owned. Scott was considerate and thoughtful through the entire process. Scott and his team at Hickinbotham Real Estate, Inc. were very helpful in this difficult time.

I highly recommend Hickinbotham Real Estate, Inc. for anyone looking to sell!



Thank you, Hickinbotham Real Estate, Inc.

The team at Hickinbotham Real Estate cares about their customers' experiences. Always polite and considerate, the members of the Hickinbotham Team answered each of our questions regarding properties advertised with their company. Ultimately, we did write an offer and enter into a sale contract for a property they were marketing.


Thank you, Scott! You and your team did an amazing job advertising and selling our house in St. Clair, MO!

Within 24 hours of the property being actively advertised, we had multiple offers and in less than 48 hours we had a contract on the home with it scheduled to close in less than 40 days. Your advice on pricing and before marketing repairs placed our property very competitively. We could not have done it on our own!


The Hickinbotham Real Estate team did an excellent job at being our buyers agents! Our house was lucky enough to close in less than 30 days all thanks to the Hickinbotham Real Estate team. We received information so fast and were never left out on a single thing, and on top of that the communication between the whole transaction was perfect! We cannot thank Hickinbotham Real Estate enough for helping us find our perfect first home! We highly recommend Hickinbotham Real Estate, they were not just our buyers agents to us, they are much more.


The team at Hickinbotham Real Estate, Inc. did a wonderful job! When purchasing a property in Sullivan, MO that was listed for sale with their office, we found that they provide exceptional service. Not only did they do a wonderful job making sure that the transaction happened without any issues, they kept us informed and answered every question that we had regarding the purchasing process.


Scott Hickinbotham and his team went above and beyond! Not only did they work to find us a qualified buyer, but they assisted us in lining up contractors to ensure that the property was approved for an FHA loan. They are extremely knowledgeable in real estate and quickly answered any questions that we had. If you are thinking about selling, talk to the Hickinbotham Real Estate Team!






















Community Outreach
17 E. Fourth St., P.O. Box 336, Gerald, MO  63037

Dear Mr & Mrs. Hickinbotham,

Thank you for your generous donation for families in need this Christmas Season. We appreciate your support of our Program.
Thank you for all you do in our Community.


Assistance Coordinator

Participating Member
United Way
Franklin County Area United Way


East Central College Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Hickinbotham,

I want to personally thank you for your sponsorship and attendance at the Friends of the Foundation event.  We appreciate the support you provide the Foundation.  We are inspired by your friendship.  You are part of an important group of ECC friends who believe in the power of a college education and the importance of providing hope and courage to those who wish to improve their lives.



"I´ve dealt with Scott Hickinbotham and his team in multiple transactions over the years. Scott has demonstrated the highest level of care and concern with his vast amount of real estate knowledge in all areas.

Every transaction was very smooth and a highly educational experience. We had no idea in the beginning what all is involved in a real estate transaction beginning to end. Scott´s team does not stop at the closing. Scott and his team´s follow up is tremendous."

James and Family                              

Hi Cindy,

 Just a little note to let you know how we are doing. Kate had eye surgery for muscular degeneration. It was too far gone and didn't help much. She can see to walk and do a few chores so I'm her designated secretary which is ok because that's what i did when i worked at 88 (89 June eighth) she's doing well otherwise. I'm still wheeling around in my wheel chair. I have limited mobility but for 79 "Gods" been good to both of us ( 80 on Sept. 17). We honestly have you and your family in our prayers and think of how wonderful your family has been to us. This isn't brown nosing its seriously how Kate and I feel.


Lucille and Kate                                  

Hickinbotham Real Estate Team,

The Services and personal attention we received from Scott Hickinbotham and the Hickinbotham Real Estate Team  was exceptional and truly appreciated. Their knowledge of the local market and their contacts in the community and surrounding areas helped in our search to purchase a new residence with acreage.

After patiently going through listings and details with us, they made sure we received the best offer on our previous acreage and more importantly, the best value purchase for the new home and acreage.

We would highly recommend Scott Hickinbotham and the Hickinbotham Real Estate Team, whether you are buying or selling, to assist you with any buying or selling property.

We could not have asked for a better Realtor to guide us through the process.


Jim and Lois                           

We really appreciate all the help your team has given us. It is a real blessing to get this short sale approved and closed. I know it is a lot of work for your team and we really do appreciate how smooth the process was. Thanks for your professionalism and attention to detail. I would refer the Hickinbotham Team to anyone. Thanks again.
Ruth and Michael                              

We really appreciate all the help your office has given us. It's just a blessing to get this short sale approved and over with. I know it's a lot of work for you guys and we really do appreciate how smooth the process was. Thanks for everything you have done!
Thanks again!
Tammy R.                        

Dear Cindy and Scott,
I appreciate all that came with renting from you. You've been nice land lords. I respect you dearly.
Thank you so much,

 Unfortunately, my wife and I had to move our seven kids from our home due to foreclosure. We had a tight budget, little time, and needed a large rental home.

My wife located a rental home advertised online by Hickinbotham Real Estate. We contacted Cindy on a Thursday, visited the house on a Friday, and had a lease signed a few days after that. We were thrilled to find a suitable house so quickly and couldn't believe Hickinbotham was so flexible and understanding to work within our timeline and budget.

Cindy and the rest of the Hickinbotham crew were unbelievably cooperative and helpful during our move. At one point, there were five maintenance guys on the premises making sure the residence was fit to be my family's new home. It was incredible!!

In addition, Hickinbotham has been very reponsive to building maintenance needs. Anytime a Hickinbotham representative has talked with us on the phone or visited the house to provide maintenance, they have always been polite, pleasant, and eager to please. I can assure you this is not something commonly found in a property management company.

I would STRONGLY recommend a family member or a friend contact Cindy and the Hickinbotham team about a property purchase or rental based on my experience. They take a personal interest in the people the do business with and make customer service a top priority. They are the benchmark in the industry.



I want to tell you about Cindy Hickinbotham.

She is a totally amazing person. She is very devoted to her family and love them very much especially her daughter. Cindy is one of the finest people i have ever met in my life. I have seen her when she really didn't feel good at work when it was obvious that she should have been at home in bed, but not Cindy, she is a dedicated worker and does her job well. She is kind, caring, and knows how to emphasize, with others. She has a great personality, and gets along well with others. If only there were more people in the world like Cindy. Have a great day Cindy! May God always Bless and keep you safe Cindy.

You are definitely " One of the very best people in the world."

Your Friend Forever


To Whom It May Concern,
Scott Hickinbotham and his team has provided excellent professional service in my purchase of 650 Turkey Run St. Clair. After calling his office I was going through the home in less then one hour! The Hickinbotham Real Estate Team is very efficient and i would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell any type of Real Estate.
Thanks again!
Blake W.                            

To Whom It May Concern,

Scott Hickinbotham managed the sale of my decreased mothers home this past August 2012. It was a difficult process because I, the deeded owner, was not only grieving but also lived two states away from Missouri. Scott Hickinbotham made the process relatively easy. He handles most communications via email and phone. The only time I needed to come to Missouri was at the beginning to disperse some of Mom's household belongings. Scott advertised and showed the house to possible buyers. Mabel expertly oversaw the closing. Documents were expressed mailed and notarized. That is the first time I have sold a home two states away from the closing table. The whole process of listing a home for sale to the final closing appointment was painless and convenient. Scott Hickinbotham and Mabel did a great team job.

I must express one more point of appreciation. This is in regards to an immediate post day-of-closing issue between the gas company, the new owners and me. Bottom line, Scott persuasively championed my cause by personally disputing the issue with the gas companies manager, who then conceded to my request by refunding the value of LP gas to me. Prior to Scott's intervention, the gas company consistently denied my rightful request.

Thank you Scott.



To everyone that is thinking of renting or buying from the Hickinbotham's and want a place that they can call home. Think about Scott and Cindy Hickinbotham's. I am a rental tenant with option to buy. Recently we went through a horrendous storm in Sullivan at one of their parks on E. Springfield. Personally I have not had any problems with the treatment and kindness that they showed everyone here. They an their staff did all they could do for the people they call their family in this park. They supplied food pretty much every day Scott was at the bbq pit and water cooler not only trying to fix all the problems the park sustained. No electric for days, no water, limbs down, and just people down right scared. I know I very much appreciated the way things were handled. And to this day they are still working on getting everyone taken care of. It is hard sometimes when things are back ordered and the maintenance personnel are stretched very thin. Now there is grass to be cut and all the normal things that has to be maintained. I for one would not want to live anywhere else then here. They are doing the best they can after a storm. Things will get back to normal soon.



Scott & Cindy 
I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you all have done since the tornado on 4-10-13. I am sure it has not been easy! I for one am pleased and understand. You got me a place to live as fast as you could and I thank you for that.

Scott & Cindy



My property was listed with Hickinbotham Real Estate on November 20, 2013 but I chose not to have it actively marketed until January 31, 2014. Three days after activation i received a full price offer and accepted shortly thereafter. This process has been very smooth and taken care of by the Team at Hickinbotham. I highly recommend them for all of your buying and selling needs.


We found the property we are buying and within 5 days it was under contract. Everything went smoothly from written offer to the closing. I recommend Hickinbotham Real Estate to anyone looking to have a smooth purchase


Even though it took some time to sell my large parcel of property, the Team at Hickinbotham never gave up looking for just the right buyer. And when he finally came along, things progressed right into closing with very little trouble. Thanks for helping me sell!!


The Hickinbotham Team found my new home very quickly and helped me all the way to closing. Thanks for making my new home a reality.


My property has been listed with Hickinbotham Real Estate and as soon as Spring Season hit, it was under contract to close immediately. Thanks for helping to make this sale happen. You did a great job!

Thank you so much!

Bill & Joyce                                          

I first called Hickinbotham Real Estate on April 1st to talk to someone about buying some property. Within two weeks I was under contract to buy a great piece of investment property in Dittmer. Closing was originally scheduled for around June 1st, but hit a few snags. However, our agent Tammy stayed in top of it all and kept the process going all the way until we closed. Thanks a bunch!!!


I listed my property with Hickinbotham Real Estate at the end of February and within one month we were under contract. Although we hit some bumps along the way, the fault was not in our agent who kept the process going all the way to closing and never gave up. Way to go!!


"Hello After looking at the properties you have available and reading nothing but great great things about you on your website I decided to send a quick note."..........."I grew up in St Clair and I want my kids to be in a great school district so that is why we decided on the St Clair area"........."I am curious what the requirements are for renting."

Thank you for your time,



To Whom It May Concern:

The experience we had with Hickinbotham Real Estate was amazing. Our agent only had to show us two houses and at the second one we knew where we wanted to live. The house had just been renovated and when we walked in it was perfect for our family. We wrote a contract and it was immediately accepted by the Seller.

The only bump we had during the purchase process was that USDA was backed up in processing loans so our closing had to be delayed. Our agent never gave up and was constantly calling USDA to check with them on the status of our loan package. However, once everything was approved closing was rescheduled. 

I cannot think of a single reason why I wouldn't recommend Hickinbotham Real Estate to assist you in buying your next home, I know we don't regret it.



Angie and Scott,

Thanks for all the effort that went in to get my property sold!
Also, please pass along to Cindy and the property management team how happy I have been with their service.  It really felt good leaving the hassles of dealing with the tenant side of the business to your team.


Me and my fiance are looking for an apartment and her parents went through you and said your a wonderful real estate agency and we would like to work with you as well please call me with more information our situation is hard at the moment and we were hoping you would be willing to work with us


We listed our house during the spring and within a short time had an offer that turned into a solid contract in no time. Our agent with Hickinbotham Real Estate, Inc. did an amazing job in marketing our home and finding just the right buyer. Thanks to the Hickinbotham Team for making selling our house a reality.

Melanie & Don

Scott Hickinbotham is AWESOME and I will gladly tell you why!!

I had owned approximately 40 acres in Pacific for about 50 years. When I bought it I only paid about $200 per acre and when Scott sold it for me it went for $2,000 per acre. He knew that I'd be facing substantial Capital Gain Tax and he advised me to do a tax deferred exchange and buy income producing property with the sale proceeds from this gain. I took his advice and I'm so glad that I did.

I now own five rental homes that Hickinbotham Real Estate, Inc. manages for me. This provides me with a rental income and tax shelter that were both very much needed. After renting out one of my homes for approximately three years, Scott has sold it for me netting me a $30,000 profit after making some minor value enhancements that he recommended.

Scott is a wealth of knowledge and I have often referred to him as Dr. Real Estate. Scott's knowledge in building construction, property management, real estate investment, financing and tax laws is off the charts. I recommend Scott Hickinbotham  and the Hickinbotham Real Estate Team to anyone who is thinking about buying or selling real estate.


I want to give a big shout to Hickinbotham Real Estate, Inc. I called their office after I discovered that they were the listing agent for a specific property that I was interested in. I was put in touch with Tammy who assisted me with writing an offer and submitting it to the owner of the property to be considered.

The offer was accepted and we began the process of getting approval with financing and inspections. Although there were complications with getting USDA approval and attaining some of the required inspections, everyone at Hickinbotham pitched in to not only help my lender with everything she needed, but even took the time to get things done at the property so the inspections could be completed and pass with flying colors.

I want to thank everyone who had a hand in helping me buy my new home and I highly recommend this agency to anyone who is thinking about buying a home. If I should ever buy a different home or decide to sell the one I just bought I will definitely call Hickinbotham Real Estate to take care of that for me.

Timothy & Brittany

Dear Hickinbotham Real Estate Team

I am writing to thank you for all of your hard work in helping me to sell my house in on Click Road in Richwoods. Specifically, I am most grateful for your intelligent and patient advice regarding the selling price and finally in accepting an offer. Not once did I feel that you were pushing me in any direction. You respectfully gave me the information I needed to make a decision and then you acted on the decision.

As soon as the warmer season hit, our home was under contract in no time. I am confident that the reason we were able to keep negotiations on track was due to the professionalism  and detail oriented notices of the complete team in place with our agent. We really appreciated the calm assurance and expert advice through out the entire process. You even assisted in helping us get the moving boxes we needed and delivered them to our house.

Having this team in place made a nerve-wrecking negotiation into a wonderful success!!

Jessica & John

We first called Hickinbotham Real Estate on May 5, 2014. Ten days later we signed a Buyer's Agreement with Tammy and as luck would have it, we found a house that same day. We made an offer and the next day it was countered and readily accepted. There were no hiccups or bumps along the way during the process it was as smooth as possible. We would highly recommend Hickinbotham Real Estate for all of your real estate needs!!

Stacia & Jonathon

To Whom It May Concern:

It's a pleasure to write this letter to thank you for all your hard work in buying our new home in Lonedell. Thanks, in your case, certainly is enough! We hope this letter explains our belief that you are an excellent Realtor.

We had our house listed with Hickinbotham Real Estate, Inc. and we were able to sell it fairly quickly. From the time of our first meeting, you were honest and direct. You explained to us how the process would unfold so we wouldn't be surprised, and you recommended things that we could do to help with the sale. When it came to setting an asking price and later when we adjusted that price, you always listened to our thoughts, concerns and opinions.

Prior to the closing of the house we had listed, we started looking for a new house. From the time we obtained our written pre-approval on July 18 for financing in order to buy a new home it only took 5 days for our agent to show us the house we wanted to turn into our home. Within a few days the offer was accepted and we were underway to closing.

It is no exaggeration that buying and selling a building is a stressful endeavor both emotionally and fiscally. You provided that support and confidence we needed to know things would work out. Through it all you were a Realtor who was clearly a partner and a friend. For all of these reasons, this is why we can unconditionally recommend you to our friends and acquaintances. It is without hesitation we would seek you out with any future real estate needs.

John & Jessica

I lived in Florida and listed my house in Missouri during the winter and within a short time of the weather turning warm we had an offer that through tough negotiation turned into a solid contract in no time. Our agent with Hickinbotham Real Estate, Inc. did a great job in marketing our home, setting up and hosting an open house and finally in finding just the right buyer. Thanks to the Hickinbotham Real Estate Team for making selling our house a reality.


We first made contact with Hickinbotham Real Estate at the beginning of September. Our agent Tammy talked with us about homes in the are and we described that we were looking for. She went to work right away and within 8 days we were in an accepted contract to buy our new home. She handled all of the paper work and was even able to get our closing moved up a few more days to accommodate our needs. This was a smooth process and we recommend this agency to anyone who wants help in buying a house. They will definitely help you find your new home.

David & Debbie

July 8, 2014

Cindy & Scott

Thank you so much for your generous support of the Patrons of the Arts. So sorry about the mail mix up but so happy you both attended the event at Haue Valley. I hope you will take advantage of your membership and enjoy this season of the Arts!

Thanks again


To Whom It May Concern, 

I approached Scott with an interest to purchase a commercial building located near some other properties that I hold interest in. I wrote an offer to buy the property and after some negotiation it was accepted. We scheduled to close the purchase within about three weeks from the date we signed the purchase agreement.

Scott notified me that the Sellers needed some additional time after closing to pack their belongings so he was able to negotiate the terms of that agreement as well. Scott and his team called frequently so that we were able to keep in touch and even took the time to drive to our bank to pick up needed items so that we could close on time.

I want to say thanks to all of those that assisted in making sure that our purchase closed on time and with no surprises. 

Meramec Cavern Enterprises Inc.

To Whom It May Concern,

I initiated contact with Hickinbotham in the middle of August. After some heaving searching I found just the right property for my company to buy as an investment. I put an offer in and it was accepted right away by the homeowner. My agent's office said that closing would happen rather quickly so I knew that it wouldn't be long. 

During the time that the title company was doing their part of the process I was casually looking at other homes. Much to my surprise, I found another home that also fit what I was looking for. My agent helped me write up another offer and submit it to the homeowner. That offer was also accepted but scheduled to close a couple weeks after the other house. However, my agent's office knew it would be easier for me if i could close both on the same day. They didn't give up on them both trying to close on the same day.

We were very fortunate that both the real estate office and title company are able to work together so well, because they were able to get both properties to close on the same day. I am very pleased with the effort and work done by my agent's office and when I decided to buy or sell any real estate in the area I will definitely call Hickinbotham Real Estate back for their help.


To Whom It May Concern:

I called Hickinbotham Real Estate on September 10th to inquire about buying and selling property. Three days later we wrote an offer on a property and it was accepted within two days. My real estate agent kept in contact with my lender and when asked provided all documentation necessary in order to close as we expected and on time.

The effectiveness and knowledge of this group of people is beyond what I expected when I called their office that day. If you need to buy or sell any real estate you should definitely call them. I know from our experience that they will get you exactly what you need and when you need it.

David & Julie

I purchased a home as an investment property and was hoping for a quick sale, boy was I surprised by just how quick. I listed the property with Scott at Hickinbotham Real Estate on 11/10/14. Five days later I was under contract with a buyer. The whole process went very smoothly with not a single problem that came up during the listing, sale, or even the closing. I want to thank the entire group at Hickinbotham Real Estate for working so hard on this property so it could close so quickly. I will definitely use and recommend this agency for anyone who wants to sell a property very quickly.


We first spoke with Tammy at Hickinbotham Real Estate on the 16th of October. We wrote an offer on a home that we knew we wanted very much. Tammy was able to tactfully negotiate our offer with the Seller's Agent and it was accepted very quickly. We want to thank her for her professionalism, attention to detail and expert knowledge. Her along with her team were able to accomplish what other agents were not able to. Tammy is awesome! 

Synola & Dennis

I had a very unique situation. I spoke with Tammy at the end of October and made some rather extraordinary requests as far as what I was looking for and ways she could contact me. Through everything, she did not falter in the requests that I made of her in fact, she made sure that nobody else did either. I am very pleased with the services I received from Hickinbotham Real Estate and would recommend them whether you are purchasing using the traditional methods or even the unorthodox methods, they will be happy to accommodate you in any way possible. I now have the house I've been looking for and I'm pleased to say I am in a better place now.


Tammy was great to work with! A real pleasure. She showed me all the homes I asked about and even had others to show. It was one of the others that I purchased. Kudos to her for her initiative and knowledge. After the offer was accepted she took the time to show my wife the house so we could take measurements. Many thanks! Great Job, we love our new home!

David & Debbie

I want to personally thank Hickinbotham Real Estate for assisting me in selling my home so fast. I had previously had it listed with another agency for 6+ months and it didn't sell, but in 1 1/2 months my listing with you was under contract to buy. Thank you for working so quickly to find the right buyer for my home and for helping me along the way with all my questions and concerns and I will gladly let others know how well you handled the sale of my home.


I want to thank the staff at Hickinbotham Real Estate  for assisting us in purchasing our new home. We new we wanted to buy this house right away; and many times the office staff went above and beyond what they were required to do in order to make sure that we had what we needed when we needed it so that we were able to close on time. The offer we submitted was accepted right away and we proceeded to close in less than 30 days. I am very pleased with how efficiently they handled the process and I will gladly recommend that anyone who wants to buy a house use this company.

John & Ida

I originally listed my commercial property with Hickinbotham Real Estate Inc. in 2012. It took a little bit of time to find just the right buyer for my unique property set up but they found someone who was interested in doing a Lease Purchase. At the end of the time frame for the Leaser to obtain his financing it was clear that he wasn't going to proceed with the purchase.

I made the decision to have Scott's team reactivate the listing in the middle of June. Less than one month later I had received a new offer to purchase and we closed one month after that. Scott's team did an excellent job in handling everything from start to finish with the sale of this property.


Hi Scott!
Thank you for reaching out. I've enjoyed your emails and wanted to let you know our situation. My husband and I are from St Louis but moved to KC for a job a few years ago and will possibly move home one day. I like the way your company operates and would like to keep your contact info if that day ever comes. 
We see ourselves here for at least a few more years but I like knowing I'll have a great realtor if needed. 
Thanks again,

A Buyer's Agreement was signed with Tammy in January. We knew of one home that we wanted to look at and we did, but were undecided. Tammy suggested a home that was near the home we were considering. When we looked at it we new that was the home we wanted. 

We immediately wrote an offer and negotiated back and forth with the Sellers on the terms before the offer was finally accepted about a week later. Approximately 1 1/2 weeks later the home inspection was done and several things were noted in need of repair or replacement. We agreed to extend the Seller's response time to the inspection report so that they had ample time to research the items we specified on the Inspection Notice.

There were a few things that both parties conceded on with regards to the Inspection Notice, but we feel confident that Tammy looked out for our best interest. In fact, closing was moved up by a couple days in order to fit our needs better. I feel comfortable recommending Hickinbotham Real Estate to others who are considering purchasing a new home. If they receive the same service that we did they will be pleased. 

Tim & Sara

We began talking with Tammy at Hickinbotham Real Estate at the beginning of December with the hope that she could help us find our new home. She undertook the search right away. She found several homes that fit the criteria of what we were looking for so she scheduled showings to see them in detail.

In the middle of January we finally decided on the home that we'd like to move forward with and we wrote an offer on the 13th. Two days later we came to an agreement with the Sellers to buy our new home. The agreed upon closing date was at the beginning of March and Tammy along with the rest of the Team at Hickinbotham Real Estate initiated the process to dispatch all of the necessary steps to purchase our home.

Every time I had any questions or needed any assistance with a step along the way everyone at Hickinbotham Real Estate was there to assist me right away even with the smallest details. If we should ever need to buy or sell real estate in the future again we will definitely call them for help and we will thankfully recommend that anyone else do the same. When you get the same courteous and knowledgeable service that we did, you will know why we are so happy with the services we received.

Robert & Laura

We listed our home with Hickinbotham Real Estate at the beginning of October. After owning it for only 3 years our family decided to move to a different area. We knew it might be difficult to sell during the colder months, but we were hopeful. Our agent’s office kept in contact with us through various different methods so we were never at a loss for updates. We were told that many buyers looked at the house and surrounding property during the listing time frame and many showed great interest. An offer was submitted by one of them and was accepted after a little negotiation. My agent’s office kept me informed on a constant basis of what we needed to do in order for this sale to happen on time and in fact negotiated with the Buyer’s Agent to move our closing up by 2 weeks. Thank you for helping us sell our home so quickly.

Casey & Emily

I began talking with Tammy of Hickinbotham Real Estate a few months back about purchasing some property. During negotiations on a property I was interested in; my family suffered a terrible loss. Due to the circumstances of that situation, I had to turn my focus from house hunting to family obligations. Tammy said she understood and to let her know when I was ready to begin looking again.

When the time came to start house hunting again I received help from not only Tammy, but the entire Team at Hickinbotham Real Estate. I decided on a home rather quickly and the process rolled on rather smoothly. Anytime Tammy or one of her team members needed anything from me, I gave it to them right away so that they didn't have to delay the closing date at any time.

I am very happy with my purchase experience with Hickinbotham Real Estate. They showed me not only their professional experience and wealth of knowledge, but the compassion my family desperately needed during a very difficult time in our lives.

Thank everyone so much, 

Margaret & Austin

We began talking with Tammy at Hickinbotham Real Estate towards the beginning of February. She helped us right away showing us home that fit what we were looking for. We only looked at a few, but when we wrote an offer on the one we decided on, although it was countered one time, it was accepted the next day.

Although you can normally expect some hiccups during the home buying process, Tammy and the rest of the team at Hickinbotham made sure that ours was a very smooth progression. Anytime we had questions they were answered right away and we were never concerned during this process as everything was handled in a professional manner.

We are very happy with our home buying experience and will gladly recommend Hickinbotham Real Estate to others who want not only an experienced agent, but a team of experienced people who will make sure everything is done right.

Jessica & Rickie

I am happy to say that I sold my home with the Hickinbotham Real Estate Team. I first listed in the winter and although we had several offers that came in right away, for one reason or another the offers were either rejected or just didn't work out.

We finally received the last offer that was accepted at the end of February. Everyone at Hickinbotham Real Estate worked really hard to bring this offer to the closing and in a very short amount of time, some even going above what was required to make sure that everything went as smoothly as possible.

Thank you for helping me sell my home.


We listed our rental property with Hickinbotham Real Estate a few months ago knowing we would have an offer in a short time, which we did. It was not as high as we expected so we entered into the counteroffer process. However, during the negotiations, another offer was received at full price. We decided it would be in everyone's best interest to ask for their highest and best offer so that we did not waste anyone's time.

The second party who had submitted their first offer ended up providing us with the best offer and we accepted right away. The only two times during the closing process that our tenants had to be disturbed was for an informal inspection of all units by the buyers as well as an appraisal. Considering all of the many inspections that could have been done and interruptions causing a great disturbance to our tenants we were quite happy that the buyers kept them to a minimum allowing our tenants to remain happily undisturbed.

This is not the first property that we have sold so quickly using the knowledge of Hickinbotham Real Estate and both sales went just as smooth.

Karen & Cecil

We are beyond pleased with the service we received from Hickinbotham Real Estate. Our first call was to Scott on March 4th. We signed the listing paperwork 6 days later. We agreed to keep all marketing efforts on hold for one week. The day marketing efforts began was a complete whirlwind. We received showing request after showing request and one offer after another. Knowing that things were in our favor we requested the highest and best offer from all of the potential buyers.

After selecting the offer that was in our best interest, we then began looking for a new home to purchase. Tammy assisted us and we quickly found our new home. During the entire process we kept in constant contact with both Tammy and Angie so we were never in the dark about anything going on. 

This has been a very smooth undertaking as everything just seemed to fall into place. And we want to thank Hickinbotham Real Estate for their great teamwork. 

Molly & Jerry

We are writing to express our pleasure in working with Hickinbotham Real Estate who represented us in not only the sale of our house, but the purchase of our new home as well. We had not only one agent working to market our home, but a team of people who guided us through the process which helped to simplify what could have been a difficult transition. 

Our home was listed in October and from the start we had showing requests, and knowing that our home was positioned well in the sales market the only drawback that we had been told of by prospective buyers is the distance from town, but that is what we loved about it. So we waited patiently for the person who would love the distance from town to make an offer. The couple who did find our home just as enjoyable as we do wrote an offer the same day that they viewed it.

Through some negotiations we accepted their offer and began the search for our new home. However, our search didn't take very long as we found the one we wanted right away. After some negotiations with the owner we settled on an agreement and started packing everything for the move.

Remarkably, even though a last minute hurdle came up prior to closing, it was taken care of with ease and due to the quick thinking of this team our closing(s) did not have to be postponed or stalled even once. We credit the team at Hickinbotham Real Estate for taking the time to listen to our needs and helping to make this a smooth procedure and allowing us to focus on the needs of our family instead of having to worry about the details of the contracts.

Krista & Aaron

We started talking with out agent at Hickinbotham Real Estate in the middle of January and within 2 weeks we put an offer on a house and it was accepted 3 days later by the seller. We were told that we were getting a team of people and not just one agent to assist us in buying our new home and that is exactly what we received. And we believe that is what aided in helping our home purchase to be able to close when it did.

Although we had to extend closing out by a short time, that was only due to some difficulties with the USDA and a training sabbatical that caused our financing to be delayed until they resumed and completed our approval process.

Thank you for making this as smooth a process as possible so that we could buy and move into our new home.

Thank you!


The class of 2015 greatly appreciates your generous donation in our efforts to keep our graduates safe after graduation. We are thankful for your continued support of St. Clair's students.



I called Hickinbotham Real Estate in the middle of June already with an interest in a particular home. The person I spoke with put me in touch with Tammy who is very knowledgeable about real estate. I met with her soon after and signed a Buyer's Agency agreement right away.

She took me to view the home that I had called about and although the homes near the entrance of the subdivision weren't ideal, she assured me that once we drove beyond them, I would not be disappointed with the location of the home we came to see and she was correct.

We wrote an offer that same day for it and by lunchtime the next day it was accepted. I was a little disappointed though when it came to the results of the home inspection that was done, but Tammy negotiated through the Listing Agent and we came to a new sales price to be more in line with the results of the inspection.

Closing happened on time as was originally scheduled and there were no other surprises along the way. I am pleasantly surprised with the hassle free experience I received while working with Hickinbotham Real Estate and will recommend this team of people for others who are looking for the easy way to buy their next home.



Scott Hickinbotham and his team are truly professional and dedicated! I first met Scott's team while looking for land in Franklin County. I felt that I met my own brother and sisters. Scott and Ashley greatly treated me on all process. I quickly put a contract on a piece of property, only for the sale to fall through when the survey came back. However, it did not take long for Scott and his team to assist me in finding 40+/- Acres that met my needs! I highly recommend Hickinbotham Real Estate, Inc.


The Team at Hickinbotham Real Estate worked very hard to get the closing completed on the sale of my property. Everyone I worked with was professional and easy to work with. I will be coming back to Hickinbotham for my Real Estate needs in the future.

Thank you. 


We listed our home in April of 2016 with Hickinbotham Real Estate. It took time to find just the right buyer for our home. We were a little concerned with the process and deadlines but our agent's team took care of everything and made sure things were completed. 


Scott Hickinbotham and his team listed our house in Cuba, MO. From the time they listed the property for sale to the time of closing, the Hickinbotham Real Estate Team worked diligently and professionally to make sure that we had a pleasant selling experience. I would recommend Scott and his team to anyone looking to sell. 

-Robert and June 

I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with the Hickinbotham Real Estate Team!

David and Crystal have been extremely helpful and have definitely gone above and beyond to make sure I got to close on my home in just 3 weeks!

Crystal stayed in contact me almost daily to make sure I knew exactly where we were in the process and both Crystal and David went even further by helping me locate furniture for my new home. David made himself available late at night and early in the morning to finish up last minute inspections and everything else to make sure we got to close as scheduled.

They truly helped keep the stress to a minimum for me in what I expected to be very stressful. I will not forget everything they did for me. You guys are the best!!


I wanted to say thank you to everyone at Hickinbotham Real Estate for all their assistance in getting my Property SOLD! 

Thank you! 


Hello Scott, 

Just wanted to take time to send you a thank note for taking on the sale of my house. Thank you for Crystal. She was a gem from beginning to end. Whenever I started to get rattled she calmed me down and took care of every problem I had. AND THEN SOME!!! So---keep that little girl happy. I'll never forget her or the experience!!!! 

Take care, 



I would like to take a moment to thank the Hickinbotham Real Estate Team for everything they have done to get the sale of my brother's home completed. They did everything to ensure a fast closing with as little effort as possible on my part. You have been a pleasure to work with. Thank you all!



Thanks for all your assistance in the purchase of my land in St. Clair. Although there were some challenges, you got it done! I know you all jumped thru some hoops on this one and I appreciate all you did. I will be coming back to you if I ever need to buy or sell in the future and will definitely recommend you to anyone I know that has real estate needs.



Thanks for all the effort that went into getting my property sold. I live out of the area, so I relied on the Hickinbotham Team to handle everything. They did not disappoint me! All I  had to do was show up at closing. I couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction. If I should ever need to buy or sell real estate in the future, I will definitely call you for help and i will recommend that anyone else I know do the same.



Thank you to the Hickinbotham Team for everything you did to help us. We were a Buyer and a Seller at the same times and you were professional and efficient in getting everything accomplished for us@ I would not hesitate to come back to you in the future as well as recommend you to anyone I know.

Raven & Jamie


I just wanted to say think you for all your help finding me a wonderful home and helping me close. I cannot believe how quick and painless this whole experience has been. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you. Thank you so much for all your hard work.


My name is Scott and I sat in the lawn at your office to view the eclipse. I just wanted to say thank you for that and to also let you know that I left a review regarding Hickinbotham Real Estate on Google. I tried to express an honest opinion without being untruthful. I think it came out OK :). I also e-mailed Mr. Hickinbotham my gratitude. You folks were so nice. Thanks again. Scott


Scott Hickinbotham and his team did not stop until they sold our property in Union, MO! We listed our property in February and by the end of May we closed on the sale!  We are very happy with our experience with Hickinbotham Real Estate, INC. We would gladly recommend them to anyone looking to sell land in or around Franklin County!


To Whom it May Concern

We have done business with the Hickinbotham Real Estate Team in multiple transactions, Scott Hickinbotham and his team are true professionals, they demonstrate hard work, integrity and profesionalism, Scott's advise in all areas of real Estate is great! We would recommend Hickinbotham Real Estate to anyone looking to buy or sell any type of real estate.


~Jeff and Jill



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