Saint Clair Real Estate

Saint Clair Real Estate

Established in 1843 as a railroad community, Saint Clair City has a population of almost 4500, and is located in Franklin County´s real estate market, and is part of the Saint Louis metropolitan area. St. Clair´s proximity to St. Louis has made it a Route 66 getaway for the St. Louis elite in the past, and today it serves as home to many St. Louis commuters who enjoy the peaceful and friendly lifestyle of St. Clair. Being conveniently located on the I44 Interstate has contributed to St. Clair´s recent growth as a commuter neighborhood and a commercial center. St. Clair City was originally known as "Travelers Repose".

The breathtaking landscape around St. Clair is comprised of thick forests, pastures and farmland, with the steep hills and deep valleys many associate with the Ozarks. The region offers many recreational opportunities. There are several nearby lakes for swimming, boating and fishing, many acres of parks, hiking trails and almost unlimited picturesque locations for a picnic. Franklin County real estate is also in the heart of the Missouri wine region.

Saint Clair: A Place to Live and Work

Being located only minutes from St. Louis has contributed to the recent growth in St. Clair´s housing and commercial markets. But this rural community still retains its charming hometown feeling that makes it a delightful place to raise a family. With a median house price lower than the rest of the state, you will find a wide selection of single family homes for sale. St. Clair has great schools and hospitals, offers calm traffic and an easy-going pace of life that can´t be beat.

With the Missouri river close by, the soil is dark, rich and thick and excellent for farming. Popular area crops include corn, wheat and soybean. Many farms and acreages are available to buy in the areas in Franklin County real estate.

If you are looking for commercial real estate, St. Clair offers many perks to the business owner including low taxes and proximity to local transportation. The dedicated city council is committed to promoting St. Clair as a progressive town and ensuring a favorable business climate. As a business owner you will have no problem finding quality employees, as the area is renowned for its workers´ strong work ethic being a center of manufacturing and agriculture.

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