Living in this part of Missouri its always nice and quiet for those who like the peace, but also we are about 45 minutes away from the city of St. Louis. There are plenty of fun family friendly activities in the city but one that gets a lot of attention is the St. Louis City Zoo. The great thing about the zoo is that its no charge, not to mention it's one of the top zoos in the country! What makes it so great you might ask? The St. Louis Zoo takes keeping the animals healthy and happy, when the weather gets too cold they are sure to keep the animals who prefer a warm habitat in the warmth and they do the the same for the animals who prefer the cold when it gets hot. In one year the zoo attracts more than 3,000,000 people. they have such a large variety of animals that are amazing to see and some that you didn't even know existed. The St. Louis zoo is definitely worth the trip especially if you have little one coming along.