Homeownership, also known as "the great American dream", probably got that name because it does have lots of great things that most people would love to have. Such as:

Equity:  While homeownership in St. Clair does have certain big initial costs accompanying it–closing costs, the down payment, inspections, etc.–historically, homes do appreciate in value. Four to six percent a year has been the average in years past, and all while you're getting the use and enjoyment of the residence as your safe haven away from the rest of the world.

Relationships:  You may not realize it, but owning your own home makes it more likely that you'll live in it longer and get to know the other people who live around you as well. Other neighborhood features like yards and holiday decorating make it easier to get to know the people around you, often while you're both doing yard work or erecting holiday displays.

Predictability:  If you have a fixed-rate mortgage, and that certainly seems to be the best way to go these days, you'll know exactly what your mortgage payment will be. On Day 1 or Day 5000, it will be the same. You can't say that about rent!

Ownership:  Since you own this Saint Clair area property, unlike when you rent, you have the ability to change the look of your home to your liking. You'll be able to paint the rooms a lovely shade of purple, accented with hot pink, put in a wood-burning fireplace that covers a whole wall, turn one of the bedrooms into a giant walk-in closet, plant whatever kind of bush or tree you want, or even add a pool for those hot Missouri summers. In other words, personalize it to your heart's content.

Great Deals:  Yes, right now, there are still great deals to be had when buying your own home. Home prices themselves are low, and you can also get great mortgage rates, making this the perfect time to become a homeowner if you aren't already, or upgrade or downsize if you are.

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