This Halloween, the old Busch Brewery in Washington is the site of the Butcher's Brewery, a real haunted house. Do you dare enter the Butcher's Brewery? If you think you're up to the task, come on out any or every night of Halloween weekend, Friday night through Monday night, October 28 through October 31, from 6 to 11 p.m.                                                                                                     

For a $2 donation, you can tour the lower level of the old Brewery. Different things will be happening each of the four nights, so you may want to plan to come to them all, if you dare! All donations will be going to the Relay for Life of Franklin County, so good things are afoot.

Assistant Police Chief of New Haven, Dan Terry, a local ghost hunter aka Spookstalker, says there are several ghosts that call the old Brewery home, including Fred Gersie, who was one of the Brewery's three original owners, and Fritz, the hapless homeless man who, in the early 1900s, suffered a sudden heart attack and passed away in the kitchen area of the Brewery. Other unnamed ghosts also hang out here--a Confederate soldier, a young girl, and even someone who is apparently hiding from the police.

Dan says he has communicated with the Brewery's inhabitants using such tools as the KII electromagnetic field detector and dowsing rods, which many of you may know as something used to locate water underground. In Terry's fourth book, "River Shadows, Ghosts and Legends of America's River Towns", he tells us, "There seems to be a high percentage of hauntings around rivers. That makes sense. Everything started near rivers. Or it could be the limestone...heavy quartz seems to magnify these energies that come up. Or it could be the moving water."

Whatever the reason, the Busch Brewery ghosts, according to Spookstalker, have a lot of fun! He's never felt any danger in his ghostly encounters at the Brewery, although one of the spirits did grab his hand. Terry described it as not cold like death, not warm like a human touch, but rather just the pressure of another's hand gripping his.

Whether any of these ghostly inhabitants of the Brewery will decide to have some fun and make an appearance at this year's Butcher's Brewery is yet to be seen. Of course, if you're not there, you certainly won't be having any fun with the ghosts. So enter the Butcher's Brewery this weekend...If You Dare!!! For more info on the Butcher's Brewery, contact Karla at 636-667-0088.

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