It's true; the real estate market isn't at its peak right now. But you may still be asking yourself, should we sell our St. Clair house? I've put together a few ideas that may give you a better idea of the answer to that age-old question.

1. Call your local agent. We have all the statistics for your area including how long homes in your neighborhood are staying on the market before they sell and how much your house is worth in today's market.

2. Find out the value of your St. Clair home. By comparing your home value with the selling prices of similar homes in your area, you will be able to see if you will be losing money if you decide to sell.

3. Determine if you have the money to move. Closing costs, home inspections for the house you want to purchase, moving expenses, storage fees and a down payment on the new home can all take a big chunk out of your savings. So look closely at your current financial situation to see if you can realistically afford to move.

4. Decide why you want to sell. Would you be moving because of your job? In such a case, you may have no choice if you want to continue working. Or would a move be to avoid foreclosure? Has your expanding family simply outgrown your house, or are you retiring, the kids are all out on their own and you'd like to downsize to save on utility bills and taxes?

5. Consider the social effects of a move on your family. Especially if you have small children in school, a move might have huge effects on them. Do you want to uproot them from familiar surroundings, schools, and close family and friends?

As you can see, deciding to sell your St. Clair home  may not be an easy decision. It is indeed both a financial and emotional choice. So do your research and consider all the options. For help with the research and to see what's available on the market today, contact me, Scott Hickinbotham, online or give me a call at 636-399-2296.