You may not realize that the Hickinbotham Real Estate Team not only offers homebuyers help in buying the home they're going to live in, but we also offer assistance to novice and experienced real estate investors who are looking for income-generating properties, but don't want the hassle of managing them. Whether you want to invest in residential, commercial or farm properties, we can help!

According to the U.S. Census, due to the uncertain job market, the number of rental homes in this country is increasing. This combination of increased demand for rentals, low home prices, and good interest rates, is making income-generating rental properties one of the best investments available.

Hickinbotham Real Estate can help investors find and purchase great income-producing properties in the St. Clair area. Once the investmentis made, our service doesn't end, however, as we can also find and thoroughly screen prospective tenants, and prepare the necessary legal documents to complete the rental process. Once tenants are in place, our Property Management Division can manage the property, while keeping the owner completely informed of how things are going with their investment.

Currently, our Property Management Division manages over 200 properties in the Franklin County area. Let us show you how we're helping other real estate investors buy, rent, and professionally manage residential, commercial and farm properties to create an ongoing monthly income.

We also offer a rent-to-own/lease option-to-purchase program. With this, the property's sales price is set and a monthly payment schedule for the tenant is put into place. Now the rent-to-own tenant is able to rebuild their credit while building equity in the property, which will eventually allow them to qualify for a conventional mortgage. And Hickinbotham Real Estate can manage every aspect of these transactions.

Let the Hickinbotham Real Estate Team and our Property Management Division help you become a real estate investor with a monthly income generated by your own rental properties. Call me, Scott Hickinbotham, at 636-629-3419 or contact me online today.