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How to Get the Most Positive Staging Affect for Your St. Clair Home with the Least Money

by Hickinbotham Real Estate Team

Are you hoping to sell your St. Clair home in a hurry?  Well, then you need to know a few staging tricks  and how to get the most positive staging affect for your St. Clair home with the least money.

Here are a few tips to get you started:                                                              

1.  First, you'll want to take your own personality out of the home so prospective buyers can visualize how the house will look with their personal items in it.  Take down some of the pictures of your relatives and the good times you've had in the past, remove trophies from the mantle, and put away those cute little notes the kids made for you in second grade.  Pack them carefully for when you find your new home and want to have them on display again.

2.  Now that you have the personal stuff packed up, it's time to get rid of what you probably think of as beloved and cherished mementos, but what may look like "clutter" to those visitors thinking about purchasing your home.  This will include such things as magazines, newspapers, books, and even things we may think of as organizational, such as file cabinets or bookcases filled with paperwork and 3-ring binders.  Any desks, tables, night stands, or other cabinets or dressers, need to have their tops pared down to the bare minimum of "stuff" so they look neat and tidy.

3.   At last we're ready to move some furniture! It's time to define the purpose of each room in the house.  For example, is it a dining room or a craft room?  Probably a dining room, so move out the sewing machine and boxes of yarn and empty the dining table of any ongoing projects, so that you could eat off it.  A nice centerpiece of flowers might be a way to add a bit of color and freshness to the room as well.  If one of the bedrooms is a catch-all for your skiing equipment, move the sports items out, get a blow-up mattress and dress it up as a bed.  Not very expensive and you can take it with you to the new house.

4.   If you find that there is a lot of unnecessary furniture taking up a lot of space in your home, go ahead and move it out.  With what's left, create some inviting conversation areas, quiet sleeping rooms, and maybe a real office.

5.  Don't forget the outside of your house needs to be staged as well.  In the winter, be sure the sidewalks are clean and dry.  Come spring, add some potted annuals to make a bold statement of color.  Keep the trees and bushes trimmed, the grass mowed and all the kids' bikes and wagons out of sight.

6.  You've removed the personal stuff, decluttered, taken out excess furnishings, and need a place for all this stuff plus the extra outdoor toys.  If you don't have a huge storage shed or basement corner where you can put these items without causing another area of clutter, you may need to consider leasing a nearby storage unit until you are ready to move to your new home.  Sometimes such places even offer deals for the first month or two of storage, and some go so far as to lend you a truck to move your things into the storage unit.

Now your St. Clair house is ready for those first prospective homebuyers to come and have a look, and the only money you've had to spend is possibly for a storage unit.  Give me a call today at 636-629-3419 or contact me, Scott Hickinbotham, online.  We'll be happy to give you all sorts of good ideas to get your St. Clair area house sold quickly.

Ten Tips for a Smooth Move to St. Clair

by Hickinbotham Real Estate Team

Getting ready to move into your new St. Clair home? You'll want to do everything you can to make the move easier, so here are ten tips for a smooth move to St. Clair.      

1. Before you pack your lamps, remove the bulbs.                                   

2. So you don't have to spend your first night in your new home in the dark, arrange to have your utilities turned on the day BEFORE you move.

3. Load area rugs last, so they will come out of the truck first. That way they can be placed on the floor, under the furniture that will be moved in after.

4. Pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes. Try to keep total weight per box under 50 pounds, less if you're doing the moving yourself.

5. Got plates? Pack them on their sides, vertically, with newspaper or tissue between each one.

6. Move a phone book from your old house to the new St. Clair house, just in case you need to contact old neighbors or businesses you've dealt with.

7. Drain gas and oil out of all yard equipment, snow blowers, boats, etc. before you attempt to move them.

8. Try to move during the week if possible so that utility companies, government offices and schools will be open in case you need to go there.

9. Be sure to give your movers written directions and a map to the new home along with your cell phone number, in case there's a problem and they need to contact you. Be sure to have their cell phone numbers in your hand as well.

10. If possible, leave pets with a friend or relative on moving day to avoid as much trauma in their lives as possible.

Now that I've gotten you started, you can probably come up with a lot more ideas of how to make your move easier. The first thing you'll want to do when you decide it's time for a move is to contact me, Scott Hickinbotham, to help you sell your old house or buy the perfect new one in the St. Clair area. Call me today at 636-399-2296 or contact me online.

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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