As most residents of St. Clair are aware, the city is attempting to convince the FAA in Kansas City that closing the St. Clair Regional Airport located off Hwy. 47 in the Interstate 44 corridor north of town would be in the best interests of the city of St. Clair.

Most St. Clair residents seem to agree that the airport is a drain on city funds, as well as a waste of prime land where retail shops could be built, saving them from the 12 - 20 mile drive to shop in nearby cities. Residents are tired of spending their tax dollars on upkeep of the airport that seems to benefit only a few, many of whom are not St. Clair residents, while city parks, streets, sidewalks and even the city pool need those funds.

If the airport closes, the city would have to pay back the approximately $450,000 in Federal government grant money that has already been received and used for airport improvements. However, that money, along with other Federal funds amounting to a total of about $2.5 million, would possibly become available for redistribution to other nearby airports.

Towards this end, St. Clair officials recently met with officials from three of the four nearby airports, the Washington Regional Airport, the Sullivan Regional Airport, and the Cuba Municipal Airport (the Washington County Airport was invited but did not attend). In an effort to convince the FAA that the funds should continue to be used locally, these airports were encouraged to submit proposals as to what they would like to do or build, the time frames for such projects, design and engineering fees and other costs that might be incurred.

Overall, it looks like closing the St. Clair Regional Airport would be a good thing for not only St. Clair but surrounding airports as well. Our residents would benefit by getting new retail shops closer to home and freed-up tax dollars to go for important city upkeep and growth, while other nearby areas could receive additional funding for their airports. Looks like a win-win situation to me!

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