Okay, moving day is here! The boxes are all labeled and being put in the “right” rooms but now for the questions, “Where do you want the TV stand?” “Do you want the book case or desk against this wall?” and suddenly you are beginning to become overwhelmed! We’ve all been there, done that and we have heard our clients say the same thing. We all have ideas of what goes where before we move into the “new place” but that does not ease the stress that the, all too forgotten, small items give us.

Before moving it may be a good idea to try to plan out the decorating and design of your new home to relieve some of the stress caused by moving day. There are tons of websites dedicated to home design like HGTV.com, Southernliving.com, Beautifulhome.com, etc. One of our favorite websites here at the office is Pinterest. They have millions of pictures showing different interior design ideas. There are also many TV shows on design and decoration. So when that big day comes, remember, decorating should be fun, personal, and make your new house feel like home!