4 Ways to Use Your Outdoor Space More

1. Go overboard on Comfy 

  • Patio Furniture as cushy as your indoor furniture.
  • Put down outdoor rugs so you're comfortable walking around barefoot.
  • Create natural privacy with shrubs and bushes.

​​2. Create a Broadband Paradise

  • Wireless outdoor Wi-Fi antennas provide an extra boost so you can stay connected.
  • A solar USB charging station will keep your gizmos powered.
  • Wireless speakers make it easy to bring your music outdoors.

3. Light the Way

  • Add sconces or pendant lights to make evening entertaining, grilling, and reading easier.
  • Illuminate walkways, rails, and steps with landscape solar lights.
  • Hang fairy or string lights to set an enchanting tone.

​​4. Make Your Outdoor Area Fun for Everyone

  • Add an outdoor playhouse for the kids.
  • A chalkboard fence is a fun accessory for both kids and adults.
  • Add a doggy door to the patio door and/or a doggy window in the fence.​
  • A fire pit for a small bonfire to cook s'mores and hot dogs.







Read more: http://www.houselogic.com/home-advice/decks/outdoor-living-ideas/#ixzz3bNGn2ar4